Lamination Plant in Nairobi

Nairobi is Kenya’s capital city. The most common and fastest method to manufacture film and sheet is blown film extrusion. The blown film plant involves the extrusion of plastic through circular die, expansion and final cooling the film. There are various types of blown film plant like monolayer, multilayer, HM blown film plant, LDPE blown film plant and PP blown film plant. The selection is done according to the material and level of plant required.

Lamination Plant manufacturers in nairobi

Blown Film Plant in Mombasa

Mombasa is a city on the coast of Kenya. For speedy and accurate production of plastic film or sheets, the best option is blown film plant. They are specially designed to ensure uniform distribution of plastic and control the thickness of the film. The blown film plant performs all the process from converting it into liquid, passing it through the roller, cooling the film and finally winding the film into rolls. This increases the production capacity of the industry.

blown film plant mombasa

Lamination Machine in Kisumu

Lamination Plant is specially designed to prepare plastic sheets or films. The fabrications of these plants are done using the optimum grade raw materials and latest technology to embed them with the best features to improve the production speed and quality. The layers in the lamination plant are selected according to the client’s wish like monolayer or multilayer. We are one of the leading manufacturer and supllier of blown film plant in Kisumu, Kenya.

Lamination Machine in kisumu

Blown Film Plant Price in Wad Nakuru

Nakuru is the fourth-largest city in Kenya. Blown Film Plant is a latest technology to increase the production speed and improve the quality of films. The specialty of our blown film plant is the adjustable distance between the rollers that decide the thickness of the film. Our plant consists of various layers in which at each level different stages of the fabrication process is conducted. Starting from melting the plastic to the final step of winding, every stage is conducted in a single blown film plant.

blown film plant wad nakhru

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